The English Way. Stage 2 from Pontedeume to Betanzos 1253


The second stage of the English way is one of the toughest yet the most beautiful, known for its steep climbs and descents.

We start this stage of English way stage right at torreón de los Andrade, built by Fernán Pérez de Andrade in the fourteenth century.  We trickle our way through Vila de Pontedeume centre  where we can find a numerous services.

We climb our way up Rúa Real to the parish church of Santiago, being this the most important temple of the village since 1270.  As we detour to Rúa Souto da Vila, we will encounter the first steep climb in this stage of the way.

We will follow the ascending path until almost reaching Buina where we will begin to descend until crossing the Atlantic highway.  At this point begins the second steep slope for about a kilometer. After this the descent to Minho will begin.

As we arrive to Minho we ought to take a look at a peculiar a single-arched medieval bridge which will help us cross over Baxoi river and enter Vila de Minho.

We will then cross Minho via rúas Fonte, Pardineira, Real and Barrosa reaching and overpassing the railway through a high bridge which provides access to Vila de A Ponte do Porco.

We will continue along Rua Alameda from which we can enjoy splendid views of playa Alameda and the mouth of river Lambre, provided we take a detour path of wooden planks on the same rúa (road).

At this point we will commence two mild ascents with their respective descents and finally a steep climb up to San Martino of Tiobre where we then find a sharp descent all the way to Betanzos, along with great views of the estuary and marshes.

We enter Betanzos through one of the gates in the, well preserved, medieval wall.  Further up we find Plaza de los hermanos Garcia (square) where we will take a right turn onto Rua Castro until reaching the public hostel to have a very well-deserved rest.

Here a quick guide of the English way.






Albergue de peregrinos de Pontedeume C. del Muelle, s/n 20 plazas
Pensión Luis C. San Agustín, 12
La Suite del Eume Esteiro, nº 9


Albergue de peregrinos de Miño Rúa Marismas, s/n 22 plazas
Hotel O Cantiño Rúa Loios, 39


Albergue de peregrinos de Betanzos  Rúa Pescadería, 4  32 plazas
Hotel Garelos  C. Alfonso IX, 8
Pensión Cheiño  C. Venezuela, 34


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