The English Way. Stage 5 from Sigüeiro to Santiago de Compostela 73


This is the last stage, the fifth one in the English way. A short leg of only 17 kilometres without steep climbs or challenges. It’s a nice stroll in comparison to previous stages.

We depart Sigüeiro crossing the bridge over the Tambre river (XIII century bridge of Romanesque style in four of its arched and Gothic in another). Once gone over the bridge we enter the municipality of Santiago de Compostela. We turn left and follow our way along the river until we reach iglesia de A Barciela.

We continue walking up the forest way until we cross ways with the AC-250 motorway in order to continue on various dirt tracks with many intersections. Eventually we will reach a tunnel which will allows us to cross the AP-9 motorway, following the road until Agualada, where we can see its hermitage. As we following the same way, we come across the parish of Forte and Sionlla.

At this point we will continue our walk along the side tracks of the N-550 motorway, where we ought to be careful as there is usually a considerable amount of traffic. Immediately after we leave the side track toward to the left, we continue on a small road which, further up, turns into a proper road taking us back onto the N- 550 motorway.

As we start our way through the industrial state of ​​Tambre, all vegetation is left behind continuing our walk on asphalt road toward our final destination. We will cross through the streets of the industrial state until reaching the cemetery on Rua das Mulas. Further up we find a very nice Fermín Bouza Brey park. In Praza da Paz we can find a huge monument in honour to the pilgrims.

We will continue our way on Xoan XXIII Avenue from which we will be able to spot the convent of San Francisco, which from afar can easily be mistaken with the cathedral. As we turn onto Rua de San Francisco we will be “welcomed” with great offerings of sweets and typical local liqueurs. A few meters ahead we reach the mythical and highly desired Obradoiro Square, where we will enjoy the main facade of La Catedral de Santiago de Compostela. In the square we can find Kilometre 0.

Do remember that backpacks are not allowed in the cathedral hence it is better to check into the hostel first, shower and rest for a while. Then you can have a walk through the old town. Every corner will surprise you with a church, monastery and monuments. The next day, being quite rested already, you can attend the Pilgrim Mass and hopefully get to see the Botafumeiro, which is exclusive to this cathedral.

Here you will find a quick guide of the English way






Albergue O Fogar da Chisca Rúa do Campo, 4 bajo izq. 10 plazas
Albergue de Delia Rúa do Portiño, 21
Sigüeiro Hostel Plaza Alexandre Bóveda, 1

Torre de Marantes

Hotel San Vicente C. Marantes, 12

Polígono do Tambre

Hospedaje a Nosa Terra Av. do Cruceiro da Coruña, 93

Santiago de Compostela

Residencia de peregrinos San Lázaro C. San Lázaro, s/n 80 plazas
Albergue Santo Santiago Rúa do Valiño, 3 38 plazas
Albergue Jaime García Rodríguez Rúa de Moscova, s/n 156 euros
Albergue Meiga Backpackers Rúa dos Basquiños, 67 24 plazas
Albergue Seminario Menor Av. Quiroga Palacios, 2 177 plazas
Albergue Mundoalbergue C. San Clemente, 26 34 plazas
Albergue Acuario C. Estocolmo, 2 70 plazas
Albergue O Fogar do Teodomiro Pl. de la Algalia de Arriba, 3 20 plazas
Albergue la Estación Rúa de Xuana Nogueira, 14 bajo 24 plazas
Albergue Azabache Rúa Acibechería, 15 20 plazas
Albergue The Last Stamp Rúa do Preguntoiro, 10 62 plazas
Albergue Porta Real C. Concheiros, 10 24 plazas
Albergue Roots and Boots C. Campo Cruceiro do Gaio, 7 48 plazas


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