Interpreted route to Montfalco 340

This weekend we have traveled to Montfalcó to go on a couple of hiking routes from the town’s public hostel.

We had planned to take the route from Molfalcó to Fet y Finestres but due to the heat wave, temperatures rising up to 40 degrees, we decided to change our way to shorter route called “Ruta interpretada de Montfalcó.

With just over 7kms in length, this route is a very simple one in which we can find information points about the life of the native inhabitants of these mountains as well as the vegetation and wildlife in the area.

Originally the route descends directly to the pier Montfalcó. We decided to do it the other way around and stay enjoying an amusing afternoon at the pier.

As we take the track to Viacamp towards Estall, about 700 meters further ahead we take the path on the left to later see the reservoir of Canellas on the left side too.

From this viewpoint we will have a great view of the reservoir and the mountains on the Catalan side. We continue our descent to the pier.

Here we have a fun afternoon stopover swimming and playing around in the reservoir. The best option in a very hot afternoon since the water is very calm and tempered. Bathing is quite safe but you always take care.

After two or three hours of fun, we decide to finish the route by continuing on the path we were on. This time it will be a steep climb to reach the public hostel. Along the way we can see in the distance the hermitage of Santa Quiteria.

I very much recommend you visit the hermitage. From the public hostel it will you about 10 minutes and the views are stunning.


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