Montfalcó walkways and Montrebei gorge 83

So far this route, Montfalcó walkways and Montrebei gorge, has been the most stunning hike I have ever done.  I totally recommend doing it as you will be mesmerised by its beauty.

We start the route at the footpath right in front Alberge de Montfalcó.  As we descend we are surrounded by a sparse forest where we will find La Fuente de Montafalcó.  Our descent ends in the banks of the Noguera Ribagorçana river.

Right next to the river, we encounter the first ascending walkways which are not recommended for people who are scared of heights.

These walkways have raised great controversy as they have been considered polluting to the Sierra del Montsec’s natural beauty.  The walkways are attached to a vertical wall where local birds nest.

Once defeated the first walkways, we start the second descent all the way down to the river where we find the second set, being these walkways even more vertiginous than the first ones.  These ascend zigzagging upon an amazing wall. Check out the pictures.

After these, we continue to a strenuous climb until reaching a hanging bridge which delimits Huesca and Lleida, featuring excellent views of Canelles dam and Montrebei gorge.  On a hot day it is recommendable to go for a dip in the water jumping from the pier you will find after crossing the bridge.  If you decide to do so, beware of kayaks and vessels passing by so it is wise to stay close to shore.

We continue ascending until reaching the beginning of Montrebei gorge, in which the new path was laid out.  Below lies the traditional path in which we can find segments with benches and steel wiring attached to the walls for the less adventurous to hold onto. Once inside the gorge, you will feel belittled by the enormous walls which the river has sculpted over centuries.

Soon after cruising through the gorge, we find another hanging bridge which leads us to an esplanade where we can catch a, previously booked, kayak to make our way back.  A bit further up we reach the end of our route in Masieta.

In this particular case, we were not able to get any kayaks so we headed back on foot but experiencing navigating through the Montrebei gorge is definitely in the bucket list for next time.



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