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The route of the watermills shows the importance that once these mills had for the city of  La Palma.  The mills that can be seen along the way show how the locals took advantage of the river flow down the ravine to grind grain and produce Gofio (a sweet made of ground maize or wheat flour).

The mills were arranged one below the other in order to take advantage of the slope of the terrain.  In this area there were 13 of these watermills.

We head off from the Naval Museum of Santa Cruz de La Palma. Above it we can find a replica of the caravel Maria.  As we go up De Las Nieves Avenue, we find Bandama Street where we will turn left and follow along until we reach Antonio Rodriguez Lopez Street on the left.

Soon after we run into Jandía Street where we turn left again.  At the end of the street, on the left we will find a set of stairs that will lead us to Pilar Street.  Bordering a little towards the right, we will find a narrow street with steps.  We will have arrived to a small slum. We continue up Aduares Street and then turning left at Olen Street.  At the end of this street we will turn right and finally left onto the asphalt road.

We find a rocky path, on the right a rock wall and on the left a cliff where a handrail has been installed for safety.

Soon after we get to see the three watermills on the route.  I stopped to admire their particular structure as I hadn’t seen one before. The road goes on straight as we leave the mills behind on our right.  We will zig zag a bit until we reach a telco antenna, which sets the entrance to Las Tierritas.

Further we will walk a short leg on the LP-101 highway.  Not much traffic at all but we should always be careful. We detour to the left and soon after we meet again the very same highway which we will cross as we reach the viewpoint of Velhoco.  This is the highest point on the route.  From here on we start the descent.

We continue straight on a cobbled stone path until we reach a split taking the way to the right, zig zagging long and back onto the LP-101 highway.  We will go on left road shoulder where we find El Monumento a Las Aguadoras.  Then, we will carefully cross the highway and come across a tunnel which goes under the De Las Nieves highway.  As we go through the tunnel we can see a sign to the Nuestra Señora de Las Nieves Sanctuary. This time, I did not go up to check it out as I had already been that same morning.

From here on we continue the descent down the De Las Nieves ravine, pretty rocky area, which we will cross twice. We exit the ravine through Roque de Arriba Street, which is a cemented track.  As I went passed a goat farm (I think), the goats stuck their heads out to watch me walk by.  Something quite peculiar as they usually tend to stay away.

This street ends in the LP-20 highway.  We will walk a few meters on the left road shoulder turning left then right to find a tunnel that crosses the LP-20 highway. From here on we just simply walk down the street until we get back to De las Nieves Avenue where we finish the route.

This route is not the most stunning one in La Palma although we can appreciate an important stage of its history.






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