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The route of La Galga cube can be divided into two parts:  the first is a linear route which starts at El Camino Real de la Costa (GR 130) and ascends up to the start of the second half, which is a circular route that you cannot miss out.

We begin the first route on a cemented track. On both sides we will see bananas crops, citrus and grapes. Half a kilometer in, we detour right onto a rocky path as we climb up next to metal pipes. In this section of the way, we will see and hear a great number of alligators hiding, native to the island, they are quite small so we should not be afraid.
Soon after we get back onto the cemented path which will lead us to San Bartolomé road. As on any road, we must proceed with caution.

Whenever we walk on a road we must always go on the left side, in opposite direction to the oncoming traffic. In this way, we will be able to see any vehicles approaching and if necessary move aside.

Upon entering San Bartolomé, we find ourselves in front of the Church of the same name in which there is a viewpoint. From here we have ocean views, plantations and part of the island.

As we continue straight up and before leaving the town, we will run into a quite peculiar welcome arch. The arch is made of dried ferns and baguettes.

We proceed to cross the LP-1 highway and continue straight ahead on the cemented road. Further up we will see some traditional La Palma style houses. At 2.5km, we will run into an impressive tree and to its right an ascending stone path with abundant vegetation on which we will continue our way.

A bit ahead we find Fuente Pino street, on which will ascend. At 3km will have arrived to the start of the second half of the route, the circular way.

We continue on the same path and soon after we will see a sign which indicates a right turn. We climb up a bit and then we immediately find a house, here we will take the path to the left which is invaded by the surrounding greenery in some parts.

Straight on enjoying the greenery and shade it provides us, we start to feel the moisture in the air. We suddenly find that the path becomes cobbled and providing access to the viewpoint of Sonada. From this viewpoint we have wonderful views.

As we exit the viewpoint, we turn right along a path where vegetation rises. We can see ferns, laurels among others. We continue straight on until we hit a sign to turn right. From here on we start our descent to the ravine. The further we descend the more we can feel the moisture in the air and the exuberance of the vegetation. The vegetation has taken over the path in some parts.

Whilst in the dry ravine we will continue its course for a while until we started to ascend and start to hear the water flowing in its depths. After crossing a rather large fern, in a while we are back at the start of the second half.

If you travel to La Palma this is one of the routes that you cannot miss. You will go through the areas of the island with most laurel forests and you will enjoy the exuberance of its vegetation.

The second part of the route is ideal for families and to initiate the young ones in the world of hiking and nature.






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